Ecology of environmental election communication on TikTok

My new study analyses the communicative tactics of the environmental movement during the 2024 election in the UK. It aims to focus on pro- and anti-climate groups and influencers on TikTok to gauge the ecology of grassroots environmental electoral communication in this digital sphere.

Social Movements in Elections: Environmental Communication & the 2024 election

2024 is one of the biggest election years in history and social movement-voter interaction forms a key component of these elections. Social movements engage in movement-voter interaction to persuade citizens to participate in the electoral process (Rhodes 2021). A key part of this argument is that increasingly managed electoral messaging and disinformation have led to higher levels of voter cynicism and lower levels of engagement. It is contended that movement-voter interaction can side-step this cynicism, offering a space outside institutional politics for voters. My new research will examine election-focused communication by environmental groups, such as Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion, and climate denial influencers during the UK general election. 

Data collected will include TikTok posts from the official accounts alongside other official tactics. Findings will include how often and to what extent environmental movements attempt to set the political agenda and challenge disinformation during elections.